Exeter Cathedral Installation Complete

We completed the installation in the South Tower of Exeter Cathedral on  Monday (24th June ’24).  The Cathedral team helped transport the boxes up to the rope room and my fantastic team moved the boxes up the final stairwell, and into the bell chamber.  The installation took just over 5 hours with lots of preparation work undertaken during the weeks before the event.

The South Tower at Exeter Cathedral – 8 louvres were selected, with 16 nest chambers fitted to each, totalling 128.


The Cathedral team have been amazingly supportive throughout the process, from initial contact, through to completion.  I’d particularly like to thank a few individuals for their unswerving support, namely Lis Spencer and Chris Sampson.  Such a pleasure to work alongside you to complete this project.  A further massive thanks goes to the project sponsors, Orbis Ecology and Devon Birds, and the installation team for their commitment and non-stop effort (fuelled by pasties and the promise of a pint!)




From L-R –  Lis Spencer (Community Outreach and Partnerships Officer) Exeter Cathedral, Oliver Chope (Orbis Ecology), Chris Sampson (Clerk of Works) Exeter Cathedral, Moi, Will Watson, Daniel Legg, Amanda Collick (Treasurer – Devon Birds), Alistair Whybrow, Tom Honey, Gary!.

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